Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sinking to new lows

Gay marriage has been legalized in five states: Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont and Maine; New York and New Hamsphire could be added to the list very soon. So here we are, 10% of the states in the union recognize same-sex marriage and society has not collapsed onto itself. Straight marriages aren't threatened, the "family unit" has not come unraveled and the only difference seems to be that gay people are enjoying (or will soon be enjoying) the same rights as everyone else. That is of course, if you don't pay attention to the right-wing, who have lost their collective shit. Take a look:

Watching that video makes me literally nauseous, I'm not kidding. To paraphrase the video, when I have to listen to scumbags like Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Glenn Beck, and Pat Robertson, I want to puke. These are despicable human beings and they should be ashamed of themselves (if they had shame) for spreading this kind of bigotry. "The Gay Gestapo?" Seriously? Yeah, God forbid someone call you out on your hate and intolerance, you phony moral crusaders. A few months back, I said that people who make these kind of arguments are subhuman and it's sad that I even need to discuss it now, but apparently the wingnuts aren't going to let it go. These smears, lies and distortions are all patently false and I'm going to put these disgusting arguments to rest right now.

Gay marriage is not going to lead to polygamy. As it stands right now, there is nothing illegal about a married man or woman bringing a third, fourth or fifteenth partner into their home. Many people live in open marriages and if they choose to do that, that is their own decision as consenting adults. But the state legally recognizing a plural marriage will lead to several complications that would not be present in a
monogamous gay or straight marriage. We provide tax incentives to married couples, if the state recognized a plural marriage, those incentives would double with each additional spouse, which would create all kinds of tax issues. Welfare and immigration abuse would skyrocket; we already have enough problems with people getting married simply to secure immigration status, now imagine if someone could turn it into a business. A man could theoretically charge immigrants to marry him so they could become citizens of this country. Also, think of how messy divorce is in America when it's just two people, imagine a court wasting time, resources and taxpayer money trying to figure out paternity rights, division of property, alimony and inheritance for three, four, or ten partners... the cons far outweigh the pros for legalizing polygamy.

Gay marriage will not lead to man-child marriage for one simple reason, pedophilia is illegal. Children are not in any position to give legal consent, and even if they think they would want to marry an adult, that's why we have statutory rape laws in place. Gay marriage, just like straight marriage, will be between consenting adults.

Despite what Bill O'Reilly fantasizes, gay marriage will not lead to a man marrying a turtle, bestiality is illegal. Animals have none of the legal rights that humans do, they cannot enter into any legal contract, including marriage. Having sex with an animal is animal abuse, and much like with pedophilia, animals cannot give legal consent, so there's no legal argument to be made here.

These concerns being raised are completely insane and it further proves the bigotry of those who oppose gay marriage. Yes, if you use these arguments, you are a bigot, plain and simple. They're trying to equate homosexuality with various perversions and fetishes, to give the impression that there's something wrong with a gay person. There's nothing wrong with gay people, but I think the above video shows the only perverts in this debate are the twisted deviants who make these kind of arguments.

Spoiler alert: when you support bigotry, you'll be on the wrong side of history. Just like our treatment of the American Indian, our usage of slavery, suppression of women's rights, Jim Crow laws, and the internment of Japanese citizens during World War II, the fact that we even needed to have this debate about gay rights will be looked back on with shame and disgust.
Gay marriage will be legal in this country, hopefully sooner than later, but it will happen... You can't stop social progress, those who try will always lose.


Anonymous said...

Actually beastiality is not illegal in all states -- isn't that disgusting to think that it's not. The ring wing should be out there protecting the animals from disgusting people, who always seem to be straight when you hear about it on the news.

Razor said...

That is a good point, the act itself is not illegal in all states. Of course, there's still no legitimate argument for man-animal marriage because an animal cannot enter a contract or give consent.

Gabriel McKee said...

I don't have a big problem with gay marriage. Doesn't both me one way or the other.

But throwing around the "bigot" word is a bit childish, IMO.

Gay marriage only recently became a discussion, so it's only natural people will be a bit slow to come around on it. I don't remember there being much discussion about it until the past couple of years.

Jamie said...

But throwing around words like "facist" and "socialist" and "communist" is not childish, I'm sure.

Valerie Wangnet said...

Very interesting post. That video was highly disturbing. We need serious changes to legislations here in Australia.

Thanks for posting.

Jonathan Scott said...

"Media Matters" is this propaganda machine where you get all of
Your news info from? The video and audio has been edited in such
A twisted way. You think only the Right is manipulating media? The
Left is just manipulating it more transparently. Don't get your info
from videos like this. Spend time watching and listening opposing
points of view, and make up your own mind!

Razor said...

Yeah, that Media Matters with all their facts and transcripts. Damn reality and its liberal bias!

I listen to opposing views all the time, you let me know when the Right comes up with a coherent one.

And just out of curiosity, what's the proper context for someone talking about man-turtle marriage? You're free to put these quotes in their "proper" context... go on, I'll wait.