Thursday, February 5, 2009

Michael Phelps' Magical Mystery Tour

Michael Phelps owes no one an apology and all these nimrods that are upset about the guy taking a hit from a bong should be apologizing to him for the inconvenience. The guy did nothing wrong and the only reason anyone is upset is because he shatters another of the dozens of myths about marijuana usage.

If you manage to wade through the sea of lies and half-truths about marijuana, the one that seems like it has merit is that smoking weed makes you lazy. Now, once and for all, Michael Phelps put that excuse to rest as well. Yes, stoners are lazy, but not all marijuana smokers are stoners and not all marijuana smokers are lazy. You don't win more gold medals than anyone in the history of the Olympic games by being a burnout. Michael Phelps busted his ass to get where he is today and he deserves to have some fun and relax, and marijuana helps with that. No one would bat an eye if there was a photo of him drinking out of a beer bong, would they? Of course not, but alcohol kills a lot more people than marijuana. Taking car accidents out the equation, alcohol kills roughly 85,000 people a year. Marijuana? 0. None.

This ridiculous double standard has got to stop. We have no problem slapping Jim Beam, Crown Royal or Budweiser's logo all over NASCAR vehicles when thousands upon thousands of people die in drunk driving accidents every year, but a swimmer can't hit a bong in his free time without losing his sponsorships? Give me a break. When are we going to realize marijuana is not some evil plant that is grown for the purpose for harvesting your child's soul?

I hate to sound like I'm beating a dead horse but this whole issue with Michael Phelps just really sent me over the edge. There are two reasons why marijuana is still illegal: one, supporters for decriminalization are generally idiots who do more harm than good. And two, a good portion of this country still has this childish, irrational fear of it based on the steady flow of misinformation that's been spread for the last 80 years. The first can be solved if High Times Magazine stops with the ridiculous bud centerfolds every month and the second can be fixed just by looking at Michael Phelps
. Here is the poster child for nothing being impossible and working hard to achieve your goals, but now he's some kind of monster for smoking pot? Seriously America, it's time to grow up.

Besides, have you seen the guy's diet? This whole pot thing should've been obvious.