Friday, October 10, 2008

Republicans cry "VOTER FRAUD!" as country collectively groans.

Top news item on FOX News today? Was it the roller coaster ride that the stock market took? Oh no, today's top story was something extremely important to our country as a whole - voter fraud; an issue I'm surprised to see that Republicans suddenly care about.

Make no mistake, if there are issues with voter registration, then it needs to be investigated and fixed immediately, but the Republicans crying foul? That's like a guy who beats his wife calling the cops when she gets fed up and hits him in the face with a frying pan. Voter fraud allegations coming from the Republican party is damn funny when you look back at the last two presidential elections. All I really have to say is "Florida 2000" and "Ohio 2004" and the Republicans should shut the fuck up - between disenfranchisement, blocking registration, voter suppression, illegal voter purging, Katherine Harris, Ken Blackwell, and voting machines, Republicans have absolutely no room to talk.

But this sudden outrage should not surprise you, it's typical Republican sleight of hand. Remember, this is the same party that, during the primaries, referred to Hillary Clinton as a "bitch," a "whiner" and when she brought up sexism, they claimed she was "hiding behind the apron strings."
The far-right has had it out for the Clintons since 1992 and they have never let up - they've called Chelsea Clinton a dog, John McCain himself called her ugly; Hillary's been called every name in the book and Bill... well we all know how Republicans feel about Bill Clinton. All that changed of course when McCain picked Governor Avon Lady as his running-mate and suddenly any question directed at Palin was "sexist." Calling Hillary Clinton a bitch is okay, but we're supposed to play nice with Governor Avon Lady, who is best described as everything a woman shouldn't be? But it goes further than Hillary Clinton, this is the same party that has voted against every women's issue, ever: abortion, equal pay, proper sex education, violence against women, you name it, the Republicans have opposed legislation for it.

To bring things back to voter fraud, the Republicans have already been devising schemes to keep certain groups of people from voting. In Michigan, a Republican official bragged about a plan to keep people away from the voting booth if their house was in foreclosure, even if they were still living in the home on election day.
Remember, Republicans aren't concerned about people voting, they're worried about a couple million poor people voting that have realized the right-wing has destroyed this country in the last eight years. So please, don't be fooled by these criminals who are suddenly whining because an isolated group on the other side started getting their hands just as dirty... you reap what you sow. This is the environment Republicans have created and it has dealt a critical blow to our country, I can't say that I'm surprised some have decided to strike back.

Seriously though, I want all these issues on both sides to be resolved quickly and fairly. Let's have a fair election for once, let's make sure everyone has the chance to vote and let's actually count all the ballots this time. But despite their newfound love of Democracy, I don't think that's the kind of election the Republicans really want when they still have the dark cloud of George W. Bush lingering over them.

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Anonymous said...

Have you read the article in Rollingstone magazine, written by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. called "How to steal an Election"? What are you waiting for read it! NOW! The Republican party is the most un-American, un-Patriotic and anti-democractic entity in this county. You really need to read this article to get the full picture. All of their crys about "Voter Fraud" are the true fraud. From 2002, until 2005 there have been 24 convictions of voter fraud in this county. In the 2004 election alone, 2.7 million voter registrations were purged by Republican State Attorney Generals and 1.3 million registered voters were denied their Constitutional right to vote. How can they justify keeping 4 million voters from exercising their right as an American to vote because of 24 cases of voter fraud. Well, the Republicans can add and they see a constant trend going on all over this country, to the tune of 3 to 1 newly registered voters are for the Democratic party.