Saturday, October 25, 2008

Immoral Majority

Well it's a new day, so that means a new McCain attack strategy. Let's see, so far we've had: celebrity, inexperienced, community organizer, elitist, doesn't support the troops, terrorist, socialist, and not a part of "Real America" - all hilarious attacks and all well-documented in John McCain's laundry list of hypocrisy, so what's left? With ten days to go, the McCain campaign is now running on "the Democrats will have control of the House, Senate and the presidency... you don't want a liberal majority do you?!"


Hell, I've only been waiting 25 years for a liberal majority so we can finally toss out your crusty old asses. The Conservatives have been trying to keep this country in the 1950s since the 1950s, and personally, I'm ready to act like we live in the 21st century. I don't want just a majority, I don't want a super majority, I don't want an ultra majority, I want an UBER MAJORITY! Oh yeah, "uber," that's European... that's how much of a dirty liberal I am.

I started this blog as a way to vent my rage about the Neocon Republican Party, let me be perfectly honest - I want them all gone. Seriously, I want every Neocon out of office on the federal, state and local level; every moral-crusading asshole, everyone of these criminals that wants to eliminate the separation of church and state, all of these bloodthirsty warmongers, I want them all to be unemployed so they can really see what it's like to be a REAL American. Some true Republicans can stay, I can live with guys like Chuck Hagel, Ron Paul and John McCain from eight years ago, but they need to come up with something new to call themselves, the word "Republican" just makes me cry. Or they could just join the Libertarian Party, if we have to have a two party system, I'm perfectly comfortable with Libertarians and Democrats because we might actually get some fucking work done!

Okay, sorry about the rant... I'm a little fired up today. Honestly, I'm a concerned about this possible Democratic majority because the minute anything goes wrong, the Republicans will swoop in like the vultures they are and say, "See?! Told ya!!!" and that'll be that. Also, despite what you've heard, I don't really like the Democratic Party. Why? Democrats aren't really that liberal, no matter how many times conservatives try to say it, it's just not true. They're all pretty much in the center, a lot of them even in the center right, the problem is the Neocons have taken the Republican party so far to the right, that anything looks liberal by comparison. Here, I'll illustrate:


We're at an extremely important moment in our country's history, serious changes need to be made and that's not going to happen with partisan gridlock, which is pretty much what the government has been like since I've been alive. The people are fed up with their government - I certainly am - and are demanding sweeping changes, that's not going to happen as long as the Republican Party exists. It's not that Democrats are going to fix it, they're not, but the Neocons are leeches that have bled this country dry and they must be stopped. Once we've removed this parasite, we can begin working on the Democrats and either fix that party or do away with it as well and start fresh.

I sincerely hope that one day we can get rid of the two-party system, it's completely outdated and unneccessary in this modern culture we live in. Sure, it worked when our quickest way of delivering information was the Pony Express, but now we can access anything in seconds, so we don't really need to align ourselves with a party that kinda-sorta represents our worldview. Make no mistake, I don't think all people that identify themselves as Republican are bad people, if you personally believe in a conservative lifestyle, that's your choice and I respect it. The problem lies in Republican leaders who have no agenda and are merely interested in power and money, that's what's killing America. Republican Party, Democratic Party, they can both go for all I care, but we're not going to see the kind of change we need as long as we let these power-hungry Neocons keep their hand wrapped around America's throat.

I've bashed George W. Bush a lot over the last eight years, but oddly enough, I have to thank him. Yes, by him being the worst president in American history, he's opened a window of opportunity for outraged Americans to get in that voting booth on November 4 (or before that - vote early!) and possibly destroy the ultra-corrupt Neoconservative Republican Party once and for all. This isn't hyperbole, I'm not joking, and I'm going to say this loud and clear - in order for America to survive, the Republican Party has to die.

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