Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You lie!

If you've been following the news today, congress officially brought up the Joe "You Lie" Wilson situation and voted on whether or not to rebuke him. While I'm all for making this guy look like the assclown that he is, I have to ask, if the guy was willing to apologize, would anyone even want it? A Joe Wilson apology is worth as much as his opinion: nothing.

His outburst during the Obama's speech did serve a purpose though, it proved my point that the Republican Party has no respect for the President or the office he holds. Hell, they obviously don't even have any respect for the House of Representatives, as he blatantly defied the rules and very few Republicans are calling for him to apologize on the floor or to resign. And yes, Wilson should resign, or be removed from office, no one so childish should be allowed to have such an important job. Try pulling that stunt at your place of employment; the next time the boss calls a meeting, shout "YOU LIE!" at him during an important point, you'll be cleaning out your desk before lunch.

It also doesn't help the fact that it wasn't Obama who was lying, it was Joe Wilson! Well, either he lied or he was just flat-out wrong, which makes him a perfect fit for the GOP. Liars, idiots and crazy people, hell of a party they got there. Which brings me back to my original point, why would anyone even care if Wilson apologizes? As a member of the GOP, his apology will be insincere, just like everything else that comes out of that party's collective mouth.

It's fun to watch the right-wing defend this guy, the first elected official in the history of the country to shout at the president mid-sentence during a speech to congress. I've seen some people try to play the "British Parliament" excuse, saying outbursts like that happen all the time over there. So I suppose anyone using that excuse also believes in Britain's National Healthcare System? And naturally, now the Republicans are playing the victim card, whining that the Democrats are turning this into a "political stunt." Uh... yeah, "political stunt" is the very definition of what Joe Wilson did; there are consequences for acting like an idiot, just ask Kanye West. I know it happened on the sacred grounds of the MTV Video Music Awards, but isn't it funny that the entire country can agree that Kanye was a jerk over something so trivial, but we're struggling to come to a consensus about the southern politician with a history of racially-charged remarks interrupting the first black president?


RosieRed23 said...

Black Kayne interrupts cute, young white girl. Of course people think he's a jerk.

White man interrupts black president and he's a hero to some.

No, no one is racist.

Anonymous said...

Kayne West is not a Jerk he is an ASS. No one is backing him.

But in Joe Wilson's case you should look at who the comment is direct to, The President.

If i was president Joe Wilson will definatly be taking a long vacion from congress to a place where no one will never hear from him again.

Carter was right it is definately racist outburst. He should definately retire conduct unbecoming.

Bill Jr. said...

So when a group of democrats booed and made loud inappropriate noises during a Bush address it was ok??? I'm no fan of Bush because I'm a true conservative while he's a neo-con but the hypocrisy of you liberals is unbelievable. To the first comment, yes there are racist in this country, and Kayne West is one of them. His father was a black panther and Kayne accused the gov't of sending troops to New Orleans to kill black people. He never would have gone on stage to support, say, Katy Perry if he thought her video was "one of the best videos of all time" ... As for Joe Wilson's outburst, it has NOTHING to do with the president being black. To say so is nothing but paranoid and naive. He, along with the majority of Americans are against the 800 billion dollar healthcare bill being proposed by the president. Obama being black has no bearing on why he and other republicans AND democrats oppose the bill. Democrats and MSNBC trying to accuse any opposition to the president as being racist is absurd and unprofessional.

Razor said...

No one EVER shouted directly at Bush mid-sentence. No one's ever done that to ANY president.

And no one is saying that ANY opposition to the president is racist. See, this is how the right always reacts, someone makes a statement and then they spin it to ridiculous proportions. There is racism against the president, it'd be stupid to even try to deny it, but not all criticism of him is racially motivated.

Bottom line, not all Republicans are racists... but most racists are Republicans.

And it's strange, everyone banded together and bashed Kanye for saying Bush doesn't care about black people, but where's the outrage when Glenn Beck said the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES has a "deep-seated hatred of white people"? We can all agree that Kanye's an ass, but when someone claims the half-white president, who was raised by his white grandparents in KANSAS, hates white people, we can't seem to agree that THAT is wrong.

Always astoundingly hilarious when a right-winger talks about hypocrisy.

Bill Jr. said...

Razor, Tell me exactly how yelling "YOU LIE" during Obama's address to congress was "racially-charged" ... what, exactly, about accusing the president of lying about the health care bill covering illegal aliens is racist??? You can't just call racism without any justification for it.

That said, was Joe Wilson even lying?? http://www.examiner.com/x-21818-Virginia-Beach-Conservative-Examiner~y2009m9d12-Though-Americans-do-not-want-to-pay-for-illegal-aliens-healthcareCongress-defiant

You can even see on liberally-biased CNN that there are loopholes that would allow illegal aliens to get subsides for healthcare http://www.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS/08/27/health.care.immigrants/

"Bottom line, not all Republicans are racists... but most racists are Republicans". Thats a pretty wild generalization Razor. But its EXTREME biased MSNBC that shows footage of a man wearing an AK47 and accuses protestors as being "white racists", when in FACT, that man with the AK 47 was a black man... accusations of racism toward protestors just for being white (even when they all werent) is in FACT racism itself.

Other examples of Democrats being the true racists: "You cannot go into a 7-11 or a Dunkin Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent, I'm not joking" Joe Biden. Sonia Sotomayor standing behind black fire fighters who sued because they didnt score high enough on the tests to be promoted. The tests were the same for everybody, or every color or race. Or even former President Jimmy Carters numerous racist attacks on Jews.

The democrats are the party who support affirmative action because they don't believe non-whites are capable of being hired, appointed or promoted without it. That's racism at its finest.

When Mike Huckabee slipped and said Sonia Maria instead of Sonia Sotomayor, he was criticized very seriously by the left. But when Ted Kennedy said Osama instead of Obama, not much was mentioned... all of this adds up to the liberal media brainwashing naive fools like you into believing what you said, "Bottom line, not all Republicans are racists... but most racists are Republicans".

Democrat is the party of racism. Although there are surely racists on both sides of the political spectrum (unfortunately) the Democrats are the ones who think their brand is OK while abrasively charging anybody else with it even when unfounded.

Bill Jr. said...

oh and to the first commenter Rosie... yes, kayne was a jerk, even that black president called him a "jackass" and it was well deserved. but most people, even most republicans called for Mr. Wilson to apolgize after his outburst. Do I disagree with Wilson about Obama Lying, no. Do I think there is a time and place to make that argument, and that yelling "you lie" during an address was not one of them, yes.... also, ive seen many black racists claim that Kanye was not in the wrong for what he did... youve gotta see both sides of BOTH issues. not one side of each.

Bill Jr. said...

no response eh... shoulda figured

RosieRed23 said...

Bill, if a white president had given the exact same speech as Obama did on health care, do you honestly think Joe Wilson would have screamed "you lie!" at him?

Razor said...

Oh I'm sorry that I don't spend every minute checking my blog for wingnut commentary. But honestly, I wish I would've read your comment sooner, as it would have provided me with an evening of hysterical laughter.

"blah blah blah liberal media. blah blah blah see here's a black guy doing something anti-Obama, so it's not racist! (because all black people think alike, right?) blah blah blah affirmative action, blah blah blah Democrats are the real racists blah blah blah."

You're like a Fox News Greatest Hits Album.

It's so typical of the GOP, take any legitimate criticisms of the party and spin it around on the opposition. The right obviously has a race problem right now, they're a party dominated by old, white, wealthy men. Instead of making strides to fix it, they just say "oh the Democrats are the actual racists." Well no, they're not, and anyone with a functioning brain (which obviously disqualifies you) would realize that.

The Republicans have a problem connecting with the middle class, but instead of doing something to fix it, they prey on ignorance and/or fear to get people to vote against their own self-interests and say the Democrats are coming for your gun or your marriage!

The Republicans have a problem with reality, but instead of doing something to fix it, they (and their supporters) take a trip to Bonkers Town where science is evil, humans walk with dinosaurs, people perform exorcisms, witches exist and God speaks directly to them. But it's the Democrats who are "brainwashing naive fools."

And for the record, Mike Huckabee didn't just call her Sonia Maria, he followed up with "I thought THEY were all named Maria," as in he actually thought that all Hispanic women were named Maria. A stunning level of ignorance from someone who was close to being a major party nominee for President. Well, it's fairly tame considering the insanity that's come from the right since then, but for those of us living in reality? Wow, just wow.

Bill Jr. said...

Rosie Red... YES.. and I can't understand why people think race is involved... Joe Wilson has no history of racist actions or words ever. Why is it so hard to believe that his inappropriate passion was based simply on a disagreement??? There's nothing to prove it was anything else. And educated liberals have already admitted this.

Razor..There ya go, throw a bunch of "blah"s and spin it back your own way, the whole while taking everything I said, making it out to say what you want it to say, and THEN refuting it...

First, I never said nor implied anything about that black mans anti-Obama protest meaning that all black people think the same... I was in fact using him and MSNBC's coverup of his race to make claim to the fact that they distorted their coverage JUST to claim racism, when in fact, black, white, Asian or w/e, protectors were there because of a disagreement in Obamas radical policies. Period.

I do watch Fox News, along with CNN, MSNBC etc. I also read blogs, newspapers magazines and books. I try to get both sides of the story so that when I make my decisions they're educated.

You can't claim all we do is spin criticisms when that's all you're doing yourself... take a look at it and you'll know it to be truth (unless your completely brainwashed).

As for this quote "Instead of making strides to fix it, they just say "oh the Democrats are the actual racists." Well no, they're not, and anyone with a functioning brain (which obviously disqualifies you) would realize that".

At least i provide examples; all you do is throw immature insults at me to make your case... nice job.

After that, your little rebuttal simply throw out untrue stereotypes, inaccuracies and flat out lies. Attacking religion (usually you libs attack Catholics) doesn't make sense for you when you clearly have no clue what your talking about. We don't take the words of the bible as literal word for word truth. Evolutionism is taken to be valid for us (despite popular belief of lies in the lib media) and as far as dinosaurs walking with humans?? where the hell did you get that one? im pretty sure nobody believes that one... did keith olberjoke make that one up in amongst his other lies?? (just more evidence of you being brainwashed

If you wanna go after religion as craziness, lets go after your savior president Obama's preacher of 20+ years, Rev. Jeremiah Wright. "NOT GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD DAMN AMERICA"

If you honestly think that Huckabee really thought that all Hispanic women were named Maria, your farrrr beyond the idiocy level that I thought you were at. He made a mistake, tried to cover it up with a joke that turned out to be another Faux pas... he should regret it and has apologized for it. But if you want to go over Faux pas, lets look at Joe Biden, I could go after him for comments (I already mentioned one) allllllllllll day and he was not only ALMOST president, he IS vice president...

I know im partisan myself , but I at least educate myself on both sides... you're not "living in reality" Razor, you havent even opened your eyes.

Razor said...


Bill: All you do is call people names you idiot!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Republican Party.

Oh and one more thing, you're suggesting no one believes that dinosaurs walked with humans? Ever heard of the Creation Museum?

Bill Jr. said...

hahahahaha... I provide a response to each one of your points, and while I'm not denying that I called you names, at least I gave valid points and arguments when you make shit up and spin everything I say... I won't be visiting back here (to your delight I'm sure) because I've already won...

Razor said...

You're not really worth the time and effort. I can go visit any place that's polluted by wingnuts and hear every point you mentioned, probably verbatim. It gets exhausting debunking this garbage over and over again and no one who's even slightly clued in would believe it in the first place.

As I said before, you're a Fox News Greatest Hits Album. A talking points machine. A neocon lackey... I hear this shit on a daily basis.

Joe Wilson does have a history of being on the wrong side of racial issues, there were TONS of racists at the 9/12 rally (I can go get pics if you want), Liberals attacking Catholics is news to me (I attack all religion equally), etc.

As for "getting all sides of the issues," I laugh. You have a set position in your mind and the only "sides" of the issues you're getting is the media's forced objectivity. For example, the Obama speech to schoolchildren. Perhaps the least controversial thing a president has ever done and the right-wing goes batshit insane over it, and harasses the media into covering their "side" of the story. No one should have ever taken that nonsense seriously, but since the media's terrified of being called "liberal," they bow to the wingnuttery on a daily basis.

But as a Republican lackey, you surely know this. The right's ability to organize and mobilize in order to spread their crazy is the stuff of legend. Sure, the party hasn't done anything for America in almost 50 years, they're consistently on the wrong side of history, they lack any sort of agenda other than social wedge issues (guns & religion) and they're desperately trying to pull this country backwards, but they sure know how to manipulate the conversation!

So don't tell me about who's eyes are open when your party willingly removes them.

RosieRed23 said...

Bill, if you have to say "I've won," you haven't in fact won anything. Grow up.

Bill Jr. said...

I know I said I wouldn't be back but I need to re-enforce the fact that I have won. I often argue with liberals on issues and sometimes find myself forced to think things over... but on this blog, I've found nothing but a writer who uses spin tactics to try and force readers to believe what he says, THEN claim that I've used spin tactics when, in truth, I've used nothing but honest facts and truthful opinions to call him out... All Razor does is put words in my mouth and tell you what he THINKS republicans beleive (by the way, I dont even consider myself republican as I dont follow most neo-conservative views that Fox News portrays) this blog is a joke. Its pure propaganda, with facts spun into fiction...

Obviously, you will all disagree... and I'm perfectly OK with that because the writer and followers of this blog are completely CLOSE MINDED... I hope that you will all regain an open mind someday... Good Luck to you Razor. I hope you have success, but more importantly I hope you constantly force yourself to THINK rather than believe what the "news" tells you

Razor said...

Well that didn't take long. I guess you could say you were for returning to my blog before you were against it? Flip-flopper! Flip-flopper!

There's no spin on my blog... I do occasionally use Republican-style tactics, but that's usually to illustrate a point and demonstrate how ridiculous they are.

Oh and the old "I don't consider myself a Republican" line. I guess that's why only 21% of people will identify themselves as GOP supporters, but they're still dominating the conversation with their insanity. And oh, the beauty of a right-winger accusing me of propaganda. That's rich... tomorrow, Andy Dick's gonna tell me I have a drug problem.

Oh and it just keeps getting better... righties calling people closed minded? You can't be a conservative without being closed-minded! And I'm sorry that you consider me to be closed-minded simply because I will no longer entertain the lunacy that comes from your side of the political aisle. I'm more than willing to have a rational debate, but when the RNC headquarters is Arkham Asylum, I don't see that happening. I'd have better luck debating a small woodland creature.

But hey, it doesn't matter what I think, you won, right?! WOO! GO TEAM WINGNUT! Your prize should arrive in 4-6 weeks.

RosieRed23 said...

Bill, you still haven't won anything, but you have proved you have the same mentality as a 12-year-old playing Halo.

Here's a hint: your opinion doesn't win just because you say it does. It especially doesn't win when you aren't even really saying anything. Other than, you know, "I won."

Bill Jr. said...

"There's no spin on my blog..."

joke of the century...

Razor said...

Once again returning after you said you were leaving. I thought you "won?" Just gotta get that last word in, don't ya? Typical tactic from the Right, just shout, harass, and lie long enough until the other side grows tired of dealing with you.