Saturday, September 26, 2009

Liberal Media vs. Conservative Media

I know I talk about the myth of a liberal media on a fairly regular basis. It's not that there aren't any liberals in the media, but they're generally interested in presenting the truth. Contrary to popular (stupid) belief, there's not a concentrated effort within the collective media to promote left-wing agendas. However, there is a concentrated effort in the conservative media to promote right-wing agendas, except they have no interest in the truth. The right-wing media has not use for facts because the truth usually contradicts their agenda, so instead they rely on loud noises, smears and flat-out insanity.

Let's contrast and compare! First, here's Bill Moyers, the epitome of the "liberal media," and a man that Bill O'Reilly constantly rails against and sends his stalker producer to harass:

Bill Maher interviews Bill Moyers

Now just watch those clips with Maher and Moyers and understand that this is the "liberal media" - intelligent, well-spoken, fair and coherent conversation.

And now here's the conservative media:

Glenn Beck pretends to light someone on fire

Glenn Beck boils "fake" frog on air

Glenn Beck claims the half-white president "has a deep-seated hatred for white people"

Glenn Beck jokes about poisoning the Speaker of the House

Glenn Beck says he's "thinking about killing" Michael Moore

Glenn Beck agrees that we need Osama bin Laden to "detonate a major weapon" on US soil

This is the best the right-wing media can do, folks. Lies, threats, hypocrisy, fear, racism, and ludicrous stunts. Hell, it's not just their media, it's the right-wing in general.


Gabriel McKee said...

Ummmm..Bill Moyers is a journalist.

Glenn Beck is an enertainer. Not a journalist.

Your streak of super smart continues.

Razor said...

Glenn Beck is a part of the right-wing media, in fact... he's the de facto leader of the right-wing media, with a wildly (and frighteningly) popular show on the Fox NEWS channel. I would certainly never call him a journalist, I wouldn't even call him an entertainer (Jon Stewart is an entertainer), but people (dumb people) take what he says seriously.

Once again, I'm not surprised that something is lost on you when it's not spelled out in black & white and big bold letters, but thanks for admitting that the Republican Party's agenda is dictated by "entertainers." I always knew the GOP was a joke, but I appreciate the confirmation.

Gabriel McKee said...

Ummm...Glenn Beck is a libertarian, not a Republican.

Did you graduate high school? I'd be suprised.

Razor said...

Okay, so Glenn Beck "the libertarian entertainer" is dictating the Republican Party's agenda... Point still stands that he's part of the right-wing MEDIA on the Fox NEWS channel.

And as usual, pathetic uninspired insults to mask your lack of reading comprehension or ability to understand anything that's not spelled out for you. Stick to pop-up books Gabe, I'm sure Glenn will be writing one soon enough... definitely his demographic.