Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's not hypocritical to point out hypocrisy

The recent argument coming from neocons against people who are bashing their little tea parties is that "liberals hate dissent" and things to the effect of "only liberals get to protest, right?" Well, no one is saying you don't have a right to get together for tea time (so very European of you, by the way), we're just amused at the hypocrisy. Leftist "hate site" (code words for "they use facts"), Media Matters, recently tackled this one when it comes to Fox News and their sudden change of heart on the First Amendment.

Protesting is great and I'll defend your right to say it until the day I die. I think the KKK has every right to march on the public square, Fred Phelps and Westboro Baptist are well within their rights to spew their hate speech, liberals get to protest the war and conservatives can protest Obama's fiscal policies, just don't get pissed when someone offers a legitimate counterpoint. And don't be surprised when someone calls you on your bullshit... and we're going to do that right now:

If these are fiscal protests, where were they for the last eight years when government spending was just as out of control? Why did they pick this tax day to protest when they're paying their taxes for fiscal year 2008? Anyone who paid taxes last week paid Bush taxes, no one has paid a dime in Obama taxes. There hasn't been a tax increase since 1993 and taxes are almost 20% less than they were under that socialist icon, Ronald Reagan. Why all the sudden venom towards the federal government?

Let's just call these protests what they really are, "We Hate Obama Rallies." A continuation of the hate-filled campaign events that summed up the final few weeks of the McCain/Palin campaign. The right-wing
HATES this man with the kind of fury that I've never seen toward any politician (and no, not even Bush). In less than three months, the right-wing has become unhinged and gone completely off the deep end, throwing a temper tantrum not unlike a child being told he has to clean his room.

These are the same people who called protesters "sore losers" in 2000 after Bush/Gore and then claimed they "hated America" when they had the audacity to protest the Iraq War. Look, I know we have crazies on the left like PETA and Code Pink, but those groups are generally brushed off and have no real say in politics, but now, the right-wing is taking to the streets and talking about
SECEDING from the union!

These aren't just fringe extremists coming out of their Montana shacks, these are elected representatives in congress. Minnesota congresswoman Michele Bachmann wants her constituents "armed and dangerous," Texas governor Rick Perry fanning the flames of secession, now the Georgia state senate is talking about secession as well, Alabama congressman Spencer Bachus has his list of "socialists" which officially puts the Republican Party in reruns, the reemergence of culture warrior Newt Gingrich to call Obama "anti-religious," Tom Delay talking about the dangers of Obama expanding the federal government when he was a part of the administration that expanded the federal government more than any other administration in history, Bobby Jindal echoing Rush Limbaugh's "I hope he fails," Dick Cheney claiming Obama's made us "less safe," Dick Armey organizing these tea parties, Mike Pence ranting about federal spending while he strongly supported the $3 trillion (and counting) Iraq War, and those are just some of the actual politicians who have lost their minds.

What about the Fox News lunatics? They've really cranked it up a notch in the last few weeks, haven't they? Glenn Beck alone would be enough to damn that entire network. Last year he ranted against the
"entire pop culture" being responsible for violent crime in America, but can't see how anyone could possibly think the mass-shooter in Pittsburgh who feared the "Obama gun ban" could be influenced by his rantings. And what about Beck saying people need to "drive a stake through the heart of the bloodsuckers" while having a graphic displaying Obama as a vampire on screen? Or when he dumped "gasoline" on someone and said "Obama, why don't you just light us on fire?!"

This kind of violent rhetoric being spewed from the Timothy McVeighs of the world is one thing, but these are politicians and major media outlets. If you really think these tea parties are just about fiscal policy, then you need to look closer or you're in denial. These people are talking about a violent uprising against the federal government over a 3% tax increase on the wealthiest 5% of the nation? Seriously? No matter the real reason why these people hate the president, and I'm sure they'll give you plenty, this "movement" is being fueled by anger and scare tactics. Fear & Smear - the Republican bread and butter.


Jamie said...

They don't know how to not be in power.

I've been seeing a lot commentary recently about what things would be like right now if McCain had won. Most conclusions: pretty much the same.

Would there have been tea parties then? Doubt it.

Trey said...

In our campus paper, keep in mind that we're in Alabama, a conservative group that ran the Tuscaloosa group which they claim had 1,500 attendees when the paper reported 600 also claimed that the opposition (which they never clearly stated who "the opposition" was, so I'll assume that I was pointed out personally) was "spiteful" and "juvenile." They also noted that "attacks" against them were "truth-starved." That was a good one.

And fuck, in the same paper, I actually agreed with a conservative thinker who thought the South got a bad rap, but good god, we do bring up real shitbags from time to time.

Gabriel McKee said...

Good thing the left doesn't have any violent nut jobs.....Their protests are always so peaceful and classy!

Razor said...

Congrats on completely missing the point, Gabe.