Monday, April 20, 2009

Getting fined for cursing is bullshit

Joseph Loflin, a Texas man, has been fined $170 for "disorderly conduct." What was he doing that was so disorderly? He said "shit." You know, on second thought, Texas... you can secede.

I don't know what about this story is more disturbing, that you can be fined for cursing or that someone felt the need to call the police because a man said "shit."
"He kept repeating the word in front of my child," the 'victim' said. Have we become this fucking ridiculous as a society that we can call the cops on someone because they said a word that you don't want your precious little snowflake to hear? I can understand getting upset if a guy was using a slew of curse words to describe some explicit sex act in front of a small child, but the guy was bitching at his neighbors about their cat shitting in his yard and the kid overhearing was 13 years old. 13 for fuck's sake, unless this kid is home schooled, I guarantee she hears far worse on a daily basis.

It's bad enough that radio and television has been stifled by these moral crusaders, but now I can't even say shit on my own street? I don't know if these people are aware, but you do not have a right to NOT be offended. The First Amendment protects all speech, even the most vile, disgusting, hateful thing you can imagine... if it didn't, how else would the Republican Party continue to exist? This is the third language citation issued in this Texas county in the last year. In August, a woman was cited for saying "fuck" in a personal conversation in a Walmart, apparently her right to a private conversation was overruled by someone's oversensitivity. Now, if you want to take your complaint to Walmart's manager, the company has every right as a private business to ask that woman to leave, but no government should ever have the right to issue any sort of punishment.

So Galveston County, Texas and any other city who thinks they have the right to regulate free speech... grow the fuck up you whiny little bitchy fucks.

Just to illustrate this country's fucked up priorities, while we're fining a guy for saying "shit" in front of a 13 year old girl, another 13 year old girl has to appeal to the Supreme Court to fight being forcibly strip-searched by her school because she was accused of having ibuprofen in her backpack.

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Doc said...

I remember reading about both cases of people being fined for cussing. it's a fucking outrage and then the story of the little girl and her family having to fight in the supreme court for her right. The last I read it looked as if the court would be siding with the school.

If I had a little girl and she'd been in the same situation , I have no idea what i would, it would not be pretty though