Thursday, April 30, 2009

100 Days of "Fair & Balanced"

Those far-left radicals at Media Matters are at it again with their video evidence. Damn liberals and their facts:


Gabriel McKee said...

Conservative commentators don't like the liberal president? I'm...shocked!

Thanks MediaMatters!

Razor said...

Fundamental difference between disliking and what they're doing.

Gabriel McKee said...

dissenting opinions are still allowed in america, right? or does that only work with an elephant is in the white house? just checking.

p.s. glenn beck is not a republican.

Razor said...

Yep, dissenting opinions are still allowed. Just like it's still allowed to call people out when their opinion is wrong... which it generally is when coming out of the mouth of a neocon.

Gabriel McKee said...

neocon is one of the more overused words in the english language.

its what you libs pull out when you wanna make conservatives into oogie boogey scary people.

Razor said...

And then you say "you libs."