Monday, September 8, 2008

The Palin Project - Volume 4: The God Delusion

I'm sure you recall a few months back when Barack Obama came under intense scrutiny for his association with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, who had previously made several incendiary comments about the United States, specifically in relation to the September 11 attacks where he screamed "God damn America!" Now, Sarah Palin's connection with her church is being investigated, I'm sure nothing will come out of it from the "liberal" media, but anything going on in her church is far more offensive than anything Wright ever said. Oh I'm sure I'm going to catch heat for this one, but someone's got to say it - they won't make too much of an issue about it in the mainstream, but that's because Palin's church is all white, so it's alright!

Let's talk about Wright first; here's a man who
was born in 1941 in Pennsylvania, the guy grew up seeing racism in it's ugliest form and still served in the armed forces - joining the United States Marine Corps, the US Navy and was assigned to Lyndon B. Johnson's personal medical team - and the media manages to turn him into some America-hating monster. See the problem people had with Wright was that he spoke the harsh truth about this country, and America can't handle it when someone starts talking some real shit, especially a black guy. Wright grew up in the middle of Jim Crow America and this country doesn't like to think too much about those days even though they've only been over for about forty years. It's hard to imagine a time, not that long ago, where black people were forced into separate but "equal" living standards, young people may not think about it too much but the effects are still felt to this day.

This went on until 1965.

So imagine being a young black kid living in a horrifically racist country and right around when Jim Crow was starting to die out, the same country starts sending off young men and women to fight in Vietnam, that might just have an impact on your worldview. Jeremiah Wright grew up in a time where he saw blacks being forced to live differently and then saw people forced to go fight in the most pointless war in this country's history. When he made those comments about 9/11, that's what he was talking about, he was talking about America's history coming back to haunt us.

I know it's uncomfortable to think about, it's unpleasant, but I got news for you, the terrorists don't hate us for our freedom, no matter how many times the Republicans say it. We were attacked on 9/11 because not everyone in the world thinks we should have troops stationed throughout the Middle East. Now look, I'm not saying we invited the 9/11 attacks, but to think that it wasn't the result of certain foreign policy decisions is just infantile and Rudy Giulianish (yeah, I just made that word up). America has done things the rest of the world hasn't particularly cared for - the last eight years being a prime example - so we have to start looking at these things as mature adults and hold our politicians accountable for their blunders.

Now, Wright's comments haunted Obama for several weeks once the videos came out, but I can guarantee you'll never hear as much about Sarah Palin's church. Why? Because it preaches to the choir of religious whackjobs that have hijacked this country over the last seven years. Palin attends the Wasilla Bible Church where attendees speak in tongues, believe in the Rapture, and it's also a place where you can "pray the gay away." This could be your next Vice President, folks.

Of course, homophobia is a-okay in the US of A, a scary black man screaming about foreign policy blunders is not. Yeah, thinking about bad things America has done just makes us sad, let's gay-bash to get closer to Jesus and feel all better! But that's not all, Sarah Palin has spoken at this church and has said some stuff that is flat-out batshit insane. According to Palin, the war in Iraq is "God's plan" and the church-goers should "pray to get a gasline built in Alaska." That's right kids, Sarah Palin wants you to pray for God's will - a pipeline - you know God has a deep interest in getting more oil money to Alaska.

If you think the biggest foreign policy blunder in American history since Vietnam is "God's plan," and you ask Jesus for a pipeline, you're a fucking moron and you don't get to be Vice President. Also, if you believe in the whole speaking in tongues thing, you are certifiably insane and should be committed. You have a voice in your head, that isn't God, it's schizophrenia. So this means one of two things for Palin specifically - either she believes all this shit too and should be committed, or she's exploiting these mentally ill people for political gain - either way, she's not fit to lead this country ever.

Religion and politics do not mix well and in these last seven years, they've been getting way too close for comfort. Do you truly want your country run by someone who thinks the Four Horsemen will descend upon Earth, bring forth the Apocalypse and the rest of the country will find refuge in Alaska? Yeah, for all you losers who don't get to go home with Jesus, they think you'll get to hang out in Alaska for the rest of time, so we need God to tap into their natural resources!

Contrast this with Rev. Wright, who definitely said some things that make us uncomfortable, but he was still talking policy and making sense. As harsh as those things were, he wasn't talking about the Rapture or asking parishioners to pray for a natural gas pipeline so he could line the state's pockets. This is the kind of stuff I would normally laugh at and say, "wow, people in Alaska are really nuts," but this woman could be within a heartbeat of running the entire free world!

We've had eight years of this and Palin may be even more religious than George Bush: she thinks abortions should be outlawed even if the woman were raped by her own father, she opposes stem cell research, against gay rights, thinks creationism should be taught in schools, anti-gambling, opposes comprehensive sex education (despite that whole pregnant teenage daughter thing), attempted to ban books from the library, and wants to recognize "America's Christian heritage" (even though our Founding Fathers had the foresight to include separation of Church and State). Yet she opposes protecting wildlife (they are God's creatures) and mocks faith-based community organizing.

Palin is just another moral-crusading asshole who wants to control how you run your life so it fits in with her particular form of indoctrination. The media had a field day with Obama's ex-pastor, but yet nobody has called Palin out for her special brand of lunacy. If these are the kinds of things they teach in that church, America should be scared; we don't need another four or eight years of this nonsense, but we may just get it. Hell, she probably has her church praying for McCain to win right after they finish praying for that pipeline. But like I said, no one's going to talk about this because it's perfectly acceptable to be this kind of crazy in America - white, bigoted and believe they have superpowers because they pray to the invisible man in the clouds that wants us to kill people in the desert. The Constitution says there will be no religious test for office, so these beliefs should not disqualify her from public office, but her desire to mix her religion and her public office should. Sarah Palin is not qualified in any shape or form to be the Vice President of the United States.

You know, the only person Jesus ever condemned was the hypocrite? Sarah Palin needs to look in a fucking mirror.

Here's the video of this lunacy... remember, just one heartbeat away from running the free world:

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