Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Politics as Usual

Just when it looked like we were going to have a presidential election about actual issues, John McCain managed to turn our country's economic crisis into a political game. McCain wants to postpone Friday's presidential debate so he can return to the Senate and work on this $700 billion bailout for all his lobbyists. Of course, this is Grade-A political bullshit.

Once again, John McCain exploiting a national crisis so he can give off the appearance of being a leader while simultaneously holding the campaign in the palm of his hand. Things aren't going your way? Just hold the election hostage and make things get done on YOUR time and anyone who disagrees "isn't putting country first."

As far as I know, no candidate has ever called for the suspension of a presidential campaign with a little over a month left in order to deal with a financial crisis. The notion that this problem can't be managed without John McCain there is absurd, it's like he thinks congress is sitting around thinking "We have no idea how to solve this issue... if only John McCain were here! You know, that guy that openly admitted to knowing nothing about the economy despite being in the United States Senate for 26 years? Yeah, he can fix it!"

We're in the middle of two fucking wars, McCain hasn't put his campaign on hold for those, has he? No, but he put the Republican Convention on hold for a hurricane that threatened to be worse than Katrina, but turned out to be nothing too disastrous. And then just a few days later, had no problem being out there campaigning while Hurricane Ike ravaged Texas and left millions of people without power throughout the country.

John McCain has turned into the lowest form of political scum that I've ever seen - worse than Cheney, worse than Rove, worse than Bush... it's absolutely appalling to see how low an American Hero will go in order to satisfy his bloodlust to sit in the Oval Office. This man has sold out every idea, every principle and every shred of dignity in order to win and when that won't work, he'll just derail the entire political process. If this man is president, it will be this country's darkest day.

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