Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Posers 4 McCain

So have you heard this shit about "PUMA: Party Unity My Ass" or "Clintons4McCain"? Despite her amazing speech last night, it looks like Hillary Clinton supporters are backing John McCain, this could pose a lot of huge problems for Barack Obama!

...Which would be something to worry about if it wasn't just a bunch of Republican posers in disguise. Turns out, it's just another scheme from Karl Rove's (McCain adviser) bag of tricks. member, Anne Franklin contributed $500 to Bob Dole in 1999, $500 to Elizabeth Dole in 1999 and $1000 to good ol' George W. Bush in 1999. I wish I could be so clever to make this stuff up, but sadly, it's true.

Oh wait, there's more! Clintons4McCain founder, Cristi Adkins had no connection Hillary Clinton's campaign until May 16 of this year, when it was pretty much all said and done for the former first lady. Adkins' husband is a fellow by the name of Burke Allen, who owns right-wing talk station WMOV-AM. It's like they're not even trying to hide this.

And just to show how flat out pathetic and desperate the Republicans are, the Republican National Committee (RNC), have registered the domain ""

Here's the deal, the Republicans know that their candidate this year is laughably bad. A 72 year old white man from Arizona who cheated on his crippled first wife to marry a rich beer heiress. He doesn't know how many houses he owns, he doesn't know who we're fighting in Iraq, he's flip-flopped on every major issue he ever stood for and he has the Republican base about as excited as a small child when they open up their Christmas presents to find a pair of jeans and a new sweater.

The Republicans know that John McCain cannot and will not win this election on his own merit, so their only option is to make you vote for "Not Barack Obama." If they can smear, distort and flat-out lie about Obama enough, they know they can make the average American afraid of him because he's "different" - "Different," of course being Republican code for "Black." Of course ignoring the fact that McCain has voted 90% of the time in line with George W. Bush, the president who has done more harm to our national security than any president in history. The president that took the biggest surplus of all-time and turned it into the biggest deficit of all-time, leading to higher unemployment rates, home foreclosures, banks collapsing, and a flat-out economic recession. McCain said our economy is "fundamentally strong" - tell that to Cincinnati, Ohio with the highest unemployment rate since 1992 (right after twelve years of Republican presidents). Tell that to the rest of Ohio, which has topped the Forbes' list of "America's Fastest Dying-Cities."

Putting candles on would have raised the terrorist threat level to "Orange."

No, John McCain cannot win as the candidate that is right for America, he can only win on the premise of not being this "scary" new guy that wants to restore America's standing in the world, end pointless wars, provide you with the fundamental right to health care and get us out of this economic abyss. The Republican Party and their dirty politics is exactly what's killing America and as long as Americans keep falling for it, they'll get what they voted for.

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