Friday, August 22, 2008


I've been listening to a lot of Sean Hannity lately, probably because I'm a masochist, and I keep hearing him talk about Barack Obama being "the most liberal senator" and that really bugs me. You see, in our current political climate, you always hear the right-wing talk about those wacky liberals on the far left that want to murder your babies and kill Jesus, but are there any truly liberal politicians out there?

You certainly hear about them all the time, but the "far left" in terms of American government isn't really all that liberal. The extreme right has far more influence than the extreme left. In American politics, it is perfectly acceptable to go as far to the right, but Liberals who are really more in the middle than anything are labeled as "commie socialists." Look at Obama, he's not really THAT liberal, but I see lots of people running around calling him a "Marxist." This is how pathetic our national dialogue has become - when a guy goes around saying maybe we shouldn't just go out and bomb every country we don't like and suggests that we provide health care to our citizens (you know, like every other civilized nation on the planet), he's suddenly labeled a "socialist liberal."

Meanwhile, you can go out there and run on a platform that conception begins at the moment of ejaculation, everyone should be armed, retarded people should be executed, gay people can't get married or adopt, prayer should be in school, the Ten Commandments should be in the courthouse, free speech should be more restricted, children must be shielded from everything, we should bomb every country that gets in our way, "you're with us or against us" in terms of foreign policy, no assisted suicide, harsher punishments for non-violent drug offenders, and you can not only have a successful political career, you can be president... and get re-elected.

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Mark said...

What scares me the most is that we re-elected Bush in 2004. No one is happy now, but they did it four years ago. We're screwed.