Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Grapes of Gaffe

Barack Obama is making his first trip overseas this week since becoming the presumptive Democratic nominee and everywhere I turn, the media is talking about Obama making "gaffes." Gaffe this, gaffe that, they're all speculating on whether or not Obama will say or do something wrong and humiliate himself on the world stage.

Um... have you people forgotten who the president has been for the last seven years?

George W. Bush is the biggest embarrassment in American history. Every time I turn on the TV, this nimrod is doing something humiliating: running around grabbing the (female) German Chancellor's shoulders, eloquently saying things like "What they need to do is get Syria to get Hezbollah to stop doing this [shit]," and that was just in one day. The guy openly admitted to never being out of the country before becoming president, he says things like "awesome speech" to the Pope, and pile that on to the mountain of borderline retarded things we've all heard fall out of his mouth.

And we're worried about Barack Obama? A multicultural, Harvard-educated lawyer who has actually traveled the world before? We're seriously talking about Barack Obama embarassing himself in front the world while we've been living under The Blue Collar Comedy Presidency? Are you fucking kidding me?

On top of all this, our good friend John McCain has been running around talking about Czechoslovakia and the "Iraq/Pakistan border" - neither of those two things exist. Czechoslovakia stopped being a country fifteen years ago and the Iraq/Pakistan "border," as the Daily Show humorously pointed out last night, is Iran. Like most things surrounding this election, it would be hilarious if it weren't so infuriating. Here we are, talking about whether or not Obama is going to make mistakes while McCain can't remember a major event like Czechoslovakia becoming two countries and drawing his own version of the world map - it would be hilarious if he didn't have a good possibility of becoming President of the United States by running on his "foreign policy experience."

I feel like I'm in Bizarro World - guys like Bush and McCain appear "tough on terror" and the average voter sees them as the ones who know how to handle foreign policy, but they can't even point out countries on a map! Are you really ready to once again trust your safety and our nation's nuclear weapons to clowns like these? George W. Bush is arguably the worst president of all-time and undoubtedly the most embarrassing - I would be ashamed to go to another country with this assclown representing America. John McCain, while I appreciate what he's done through the years up until about 2006, he just doesn't have it anymore. He's completely thrown his principles and beliefs out the window in exchange for neocon support in his quest for the White House. Now he doesn't even know what countries exist and can't figure out the border situation in the most important regions in the Middle East. And we're seriously giving credence to Obama not being ready? Now that's a gaffe.


Jamie said...

George W. Bush isn't "arguably" the worst president of all-time. He IS the worst president of all-time.

Now, back to watching out for Obama in a bacon suit ...

Jamie said...

Here's more McCain slips, just for fun! (I'm really starting to think he just doesn't know about Czechoslovakia splitting, since he's made the mistake multiple times.)

• “Somalia” for “Sudan”: As recounted in a reporter’s pool report from McCain’s Straight Talk Express bus on June 30, the senator said while discussing Darfur, a region of Sudan: "How can we bring pressure on the government of Somalia?"

Senior adviser Mark Salter corrected him: “Sudan.”

• “Germany” for “Russia”: A YouTube clip from last year memorializes McCain referring to Vladimir Putin of Russia — following a trip to Germany — as “President Putin of Germany.”

• This spring, McCain said troops in Iraq were “down to pre-surge levels” when in fact there were 20,000 more troops than when the surge policy began.

• Also this spring, McCain twice appeared to mistake Sunnis and Shiites, two branches of Islam that split violently.

• In Phoenix earlier this month, McCain referred to Czechoslovakia, which has been divided since Jan. 1, 1993, into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He also referred to Czechoslovakia during a debate in November and a radio show in April.

• In perhaps the most curious incident, McCain said earlier this month that as a prisoner of war in Vietnam, he had tried to confuse his captors by giving the names of Pittsburgh Steelers starting players when asked to identify his squadron mates. McCain has told the story many times over the years — but always correctly referred to the names he gave as members of the Green Bay Packers.

Mel D. said...

There is no question about it. George W. Bush is the worst president of all time. He says the dumbest things, and to think the man tries to ad-lib speaches that have been written for him. What a jackass..

Our nation should open their eyes and realize that Obama is by far (not just from a Democratic standpoint) has the highest level of education, and is the least likely to humiliate himself when it counts. Sigh... when will people learn?

Well written, Ray.