Friday, July 24, 2009

Keystone Media

Need any evidence that race is still an issue in America? Especially in the parts that Rush Limbaugh's fat ass occupies? Just take a look at the case involving Harvard Professor, Henry "Skip" Gates and the media frenzy surrounding it.

Long story short, Mr. Gates was trying to get into his home after locking himself out or his door jamming (I've read both accounts), then a cop strolls along "investigating a break-in" and winds up arresting Gates. A black man arrested because someone thought he was breaking and entering... his own house.
In the interest of full disclosure, Mr. Gates was actually charged with disorderly conduct, although I'd be a little disorderly as well if someone tried arresting me for breaking into my own home, especially when I'm already annoyed at the fact that I'm locked out.

The problem was amplified when President Obama was asked about the incident and called the arresting officer's actions "stupid." The police are now demanding an apology from the president. Really? An apology for being called stupid? Here's a tip, if you don't want to be called stupid, don't do something stupid. Just be glad he didn't call the guy a "fucking moron," you fucking morons.

Of course, if Gates were white, everyone would be laughing at Officer James Crowley and rightfully calling him stupid for arresting a guy trying to get inside his own home. But since Mr. Gates is black and this has become a national news story, all the closet racists are slithering out from under their rocks and onto Fox News/talk radio to say everything short of "this uppity black should've known his place."

Looking at the case, I highly doubt that Officer Crowley himself is a racist, but he did something incredibly stupid. Whether or not this was a case of racial profiling or complete ineptitude, you have to be a pretty bad at your job to arrest someone for breaking into their own house. The leeches (Rush Limbaugh) that are trying to turn this into a political issue are the same subhumans that have been pouring gas on America's racial tensions since Barack Obama became a national figure. As their numbers continue to dwindle, it seems Republicans have no problem being the party of nothing but angry white men.


Gabriel McKee said...

Good God, give me a break. Had nothing to do with race.

Someone saw an apparent break in, a neighbor called the police, the police responded, and then Mr. Gates decided to disrespect the police who were only doing their job.

Racial profiling without a doubt occurs, and police departments go to great lengths to try and reduce it. But this is not a case of racial profiling at all.

Mr. Gates brought race into this. Not the police officers. They were only doing THEIR JOB. Which is to protect us, the citizens.

If you want to blame someone, put the blame on the person who called the police in the first place...

And did you really have to turn this into an "those mean racist conservatives post"? Has nothing do with the issue at hand.

There are other legitimate points of view in the world that differ from yours.

Razor said...

If you actually possessed the ability to read, you'll see that I said that Sgt. Crowley most likely is not a racist.

What's racist are the media idiots like your idol Rush Limbaugh saying things like "black president tries to destroy white police officer." So yes, it is about those "mean racist conservatives."

And I agree, there are other legitimate points of view in the world. Yours however, isn't one of them.

Razor said...

Oh and if arresting someone for trying to get into their own home is your idea of someone "doing their job," I'd be terrified to live in your district.

RosieRed23 said...

"They were only doing THEIR JOB. Which is to protect us, the citizens."

And once they realized he lived there, arresting him protects the citizens from ... what, exactly?

Huw Hay said...

From the anarchy that would ensue if black people could just waltz up to a house they own and let themselves in! Obviously he was trying to steal his own things in pratice for the day he decides to break into his neighbour's homes.

Clearly :shifty:

Stephan Von Krieger said...

As for not being motivated by race, well...

The cop in question has a vanity plate on his personal vehicle reading "WHY TEE." It might not be racist, but it makes a person wonder.