Thursday, September 1, 2011

Drug tests for driver's licenses

For years now, I've been seeing the "MAKING DRUG TEST MANDATORY FOR WELFARE" meme pop up on Facebook. It has 1.5 million fans... that's a lot for something on Facebook, so obviously people support the idea and it gained enough traction to be made into law in Florida.

Of course, it's a laughable failure, but in our current political climate, that doesn't matter. Much like the 2012 GOP candidates, the concept is failing upward and Ohio is expected to institute a similar law.

I get the idea behind it, we've demonized poor people so much, it's easy to get people to rally against them, even if a small portion of them are truly the "lazy, drug-addled drain on society" that they're painted as. Never mind the fact that it's demonstrably a waste of money, once people have their minds made up on something like this, the details don't matter, they "won." The only way these kind of "kick 'em when they're down" laws go away is when they start to affect the lives of everyday folk.

So it's time to start drug testing for driver's licenses! Aren't we all tired of drug addicts and alcoholics killing innocent people on the road, costing taxpayer money in terms of police, rescue workers and court costs? Why should we continue to allow dangerous criminals to drive on our taxpayer-funded roads?

Oh sure, we're assuming that everyone behind the wheel is a criminal, but a driver's license is a privilege, not a right. If you have nothing to hide, you shouldn't mind going into the DMV, waiting in that excruciatingly long line, dropping your pants in front of a low-paid bureaucrat and pissing in a cup every time you get your license renewed. You don't want to do that? Well I suppose we could just take your blood instead. What's a little humiliation in the interest of saving money and lives?

I promise you, the minute some overpaid, coked-up, midlife-crisis douchebag in a Porsche has to pee in front of a grumpy DMV employee, these "drug test for (x)" laws will dry up pretty fucking quick.

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